At-home one-day Short-&-Practical Zoom courses

Zoom Course Schedule

8 August

9 August

10 August

11 August

12 August

15 August

16 August

17 August

Course 1: Cooling

Lunch 3: Increasing feedrates

Course 2: Carbide Grinding

Lunch 4: Grinding with CBN

Lunch 5: Electroplated wheels

Course 3: Cylindrical Grinding

Lunch 6: Chatter in cylindrical

Course 4: Diamond Dressing

Facts: online using Zoom • short & to the point • attendance limited • opportunity for questions • focused on practical aspects to help you improve your operations now.


Why? For twenty years, Dr. Badger’s courses and presentations have been well known for being engaging, easy-to-understand and enormously practical. Because of Covid, he’s now offering them online in short, one-day modules. They’re a great way to drastically improve your grinding operations with very little investment.


Cost: US $265 – $595.


Attendees: Up to five for one payment/login.


Includes: Handouts of course material in pdf format and The Grinder’s Toolbox program for choosing optimum parameters and speeds & feeds.


Short, focused & practical.