Academic Research

Although the majority of Dr. Badger’s work is in industry, he maintains close ties to academia and is involved in several ongoing research projects. The Grinding Doc is a Corporate Member of CIRP, the International Academy for Production Engineering. Dr. Badger often attends the CIRP January meetings in Paris and the CIRP General Assembly in August to discuss with other experts in the field, to keep up to date on the latest developments in grinding technology, and to present peer-reviewed papers based on his research work. He also presents his research work at the ASME/NAMRC and ISAAT conferences and publishes his work in the CIRP Annals, the International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, and the Journal of Materials Processing Technology. His paper on the nature of wheel wear and chip-formation when using Cubitron II abrasives won the 2014 award for best paper from the American Welding Society.

Dr. Badger is a founding member of the IGI, the International Grinding Institute, which works with industrial partners in optimizing grinding operations and then publishing the research in first-tier academic journals.

A list of Dr. Badger’s papers can be found on GoogleScholar.

Do you have an idea for a research project that you would like to discuss with Dr. Badger? Or, do you have some experimental results that you would like to publish in a leading academic journal? Contact Dr. Badger to discuss.