Invitational Seminar

Unbiased, non-promotional grinding seminar and problem-solving for your customers – at your facilities.



Invitational seminar for your customers at your company’s facilities. Impartial, non-promotional education and troubleshooting by Dr. Badger. Typically one day or two days. Most popular with grinding-wheel manufacturers and distributors.


Benefits to organizing company

  • Gets customers and potential customers into organizing company’s facilities for face-to-face contact, tour of facilities, evening dinner.
  • Gives customers and potential customers unbiased advice on grinding.
  • Opportunity to give customers and potential customers an external, unbiased explanation of a specific company product1.
  • Foster relationship with customers and potential customers.


Benefits to attendees

  • Unbiased1 information and facts about grinding
  • Organizing company often sends survey to attendees before the seminar inviting them to share questions and issues. These issues are then discussed during the seminar.
  • Direction and advice on specific, chronic issues facing company, such as burn, form-loss.



Varies by location, length and audience. Contact The Grinding Doc to discuss.


  1. Dr. Badger maintains strict impartiality in the seminar. He will not promote any company’s products. However, if there is a specific product, Dr. Badger can discuss that product from a scientific standpoint, detailing the technical aspects of the product, how it works, pros and cons, how to use it, when it might be beneficial, etc.
  2. The organizing company may wish to give either the entire Book of Grinding or select portions to each attendee, along with The Grinder’s Toolbox. Taken on a case-by-case basis.

Contact The Grinding Doc to discuss a Invitational Seminar.

An invitational seminar in Canada, focused on issues facing the aerospace company.

Dr. Badger giving a talk in Paris at a high-speed steel manufacturer, to company’s customers who are grinding high-speed steel – discussing issues of thermal damage and grinding burn, grindability and coolant application.