Our Mission

Every year, grinding processes cost manufacturing companies billions of dollars. In most cases, these grinding operations are being designed and operated by engineers and machine operators who have received no training or education in the science of grinding. They are grinding by trial & error, adopting a problem-solving approach of “Let’s try this and see what happens.” The result is excessive labor costs, poor workpiece quality and frequent frustration.


Dr. Badger’s goal is to provide people working in the grinding industry with objective, unbiased, accurate, up-to-date information about grinding – with a strong emphasis on education, giving people the tools and knowledge to take control of their grinding operations and solve their own grinding problems. Much of his work is devoted to taking complex grinding concepts and presenting them in the most practical, down-to-earth way possible, empowering engineers, salespeople and machine operators to make significant improvements in grinding simply by having a solid, scientific understanding of this poorly understood process.


Dr. Badger also contributes to mankind’s knowledge of grinding through various ongoing research projects and by supporting students who are pursuing advanced degrees in engineering with a focus on grinding.

Objectivity: Dr. Badger has worked independently for fifteen years and is not affiliated with any particular companies in the grinding industry. His educational courses are non-promotional and companies that host his grinding courses are not given any “air time” to promote their products.

Product Endorsement: Dr. Badger does not endorse any particular brands. If he does recommend a specific product, this recommendation is based strictly on the scientific merit of the product and Dr. Badger receives no benefits – financial or otherwise – from this recommendation.

Sample Products: Companies wishing to send catalogs and samples of their products are welcome to do so. If these products are evaluated, they will be evaluated strictly on their scientific merit.

Scientific Skepticism: When evaluating a product or process, Dr. Badger relies on hard scientific evidence and is very suspicious of “anecdotal evidence” or broad claims of “improved performance”. Any new products are assumed to be of no improved benefit until proven in the laboratory and in real production.